The Caribe Royale offers many activities for your family members. 

Parent-Supervised Rooms

We will provide rooms where parents can supervise their own children up to age 8. You will need to indicate your desire to use these rooms when you register so we know how to plan. There will be no structured children’s program at the NSG. We surveyed staff parents to learn what they value in relation to bringing their children to the Gathering, leading to this decision.

The Caribe Royale offers numerous activities for your family members, including a pool! Make sure to pack swim diapers! You can read all about the amenities on the Caribe Royale website.

Using Your P-Card for Childcare

We encourage parents to use the parent-supervised rooms when possible.

These two childcare services are approved by The Navigators CARM department and can be paid by p-card.

If you plan to pay by p-card, make payments directly to the childcare services. The transportation fee must also be made by p-card. Except for a reasonable amount for tips and the parking fee, payments made by cash or personal credit card either to Kid’s Nite Out, Sunshine Babysitting, or directly to the sitter would result in tax implications to the staff and the sitter and thus are not reimbursable.

Below is information you may want to know before contacting them.

Please contact Staff Services for help with your expense report.

Kid’s Nite Out

  • $20 per hour for one child, $3 per each additional child (4-hour minimum)
  • $12 transportation fee (covers sitter’s gas, etc.)
  • If the “sit” is more than six hours, the client must provide a snack or meal for the sitter.
  • 4-child maximum if any children are under 4
  • 5-child maximum if ALL children are over 5
  • Children 13 or older can be included in the care or not. If not, there is a waiver form required and the sitter is NOT responsible for that child.
  • Can handle special needs children including autistic and Down syndrome. Sitters CANNOT change medical equipment such as feeding tubes.
  • They have sitters that are newborn experts with infants up to 3 months old.
  • If the sitting service begins at 9:00 p.m. or later, it is $22 an hour for one child and $3 for each additional child.

Sunshine Babysitting

  • Sitter requests can be made by phone (above number) or email The above number can also be texted. (Please put “The Navigators” in the subject line of your email)
  • $16 per hour for one child plus $1 per each additional child (4-hour minimum)
  • $10 transportation fee (covers gas, etc.)
  • If the “sit” is more than six hours, the sitter must be provided a meal or given $10
  • Families may share a sitter for their children
  • 6-child maximum if children are 4 and older
  • 3-4 child maximum if some children are under 4
  • Can handle special needs children including autism and Down syndrome. If child is severely handicapped, there will be an additional fee.
  • Payment can be made online at

Other Resources for Parents

Navigator Moms Facebook Group. If you’d like to discuss ideas with other parents attending the conference, you could join the “Navigator Moms” Facebook group. This group is an off-shoot of Collegiate’s Mommy Missionaries blog, but all Navigator moms are invited to join the group.