Learning Opportunities: Friday

Two stages are devoted to presentations explaining more about our new National Strategy and resources to help you in your ministry.

Friday Presentations

Sanchez Stage (4:00–5:30 p.m.)

We will have four 20-minute presentations centered around our faith initiative of abiding more deeply in Jesus.
Located in Caribbean Ballroom I&II.

  • 4:05 – Abide: Prayerful Dependence (Bill Hull)
  • 4:30 – Abide: Love and Unity (Troy Schmidt and Kyu Ho Lee)
  • 4:55 – Abide: Power of the Holy Spirit (Patriece Johnson and Mark Lewis)

30th Street Stage (4:00–5:30 p.m.)

We will also have four 20-minute presentations presented by Staff Development and Care centered around our faith initiative of abiding more deeply in Jesus.
Located in Grand Sierra Ballroom A-C.

  • 4:05 – Abiding in Christ as a Child of the Father (Demitta Clausell-Reese)
  • 4:30 – Abiding in Christ for a Lifetime (Jim and Christie Lee)
  • 4:55 – Abiding in Christ in Community (Laurence Koo)


Demitta Clausell-Reese

Demitta Clausell-Reese

Abiding in Christ as a Child of the Father

About Demitta
Demitta works in the Staff Development and Care department at Navigators USHQ. She is the cross-cultural administrator and a personal/team design coach. She has a great love and passion for people and desires to bridge the cultural gap, to nurture and see individuals flourish in the gifts and talents given to them by God. Demitta holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in management. Demitta also serves as an associate pastor for Solid Rock Christian Center in Colorado Springs.
Bill Hull

Bill Hull

4:05 - Abide: Prayerful Dependence

About Bill

Bill Hull is a writer and discipleship evangelist. He is the author of many books, including (with coauthor Brandon Cook) the spring 2020 NavPress release The Cost of Cheap Grace: Reclaiming the Value of Discipleship, made available early especially for The Navigators National Staff Gathering. His advocacy for disciplemaking is born out of 20 years as a pastor working out disciplemaking’s centrality to the gospel.

Patriece Johnson

Patriece Johnson

4:50 - Abide: Power of the Holy Spirit

About Patriece

Patriece Johnson serves with Navigators Military at Joint Base Charleston, a work she pioneered with her husband, Dexter, in 2005. She and Dexter are also co-directors of the AFAM Network.

Laurence Koo

Laurence Koo

Abiding in Christ in Community

About Laurence

Laurence was born and raised in the Netherlands. While in university and studying dentistry, he met The Navigators and became involved as a student leader. After his graduation, he worked part time on staff with The Navigators and part time as a dentist. After 6 years, he left dentistry to focus on helping students and young professionals grow in their faith and become disciples of Jesus.

Laurence has served in different leadership position in the student work of The Navigators in the Netherlands for 14 years. Since September 2016 he has lived in the United States and been the director of staff training for World Missions.

He is also an international speaker and consultant on the topics of sexuality and LGBTQ.

Jim and Christie Lee

Jim and Christie Lee

Abiding in Christ for a Lifetime

About Jim and Christie

Jim and Christie ministered with The Navigators for 19 years as conventional-income disciplemakers while in the Air Force, and for the past 10 years as full-time staff. As a family, they moved 10 times across the United States making disciples wherever God placed them. Jim currently serves as director of staff care in Staff Development and Care. Jim and Christie also love serving the Lord in short-term missions. The Lees have one son and three daughters (ages 26, 24, 21, and 18).

Kyu Ho Lee

Kyu Ho Lee

About Kyu Ho

Kyu Ho Lee is on Navigators staff, serving with Navigators 20s in Orange County, California, with a focus on grassroots ministry. Previously he and his wife, Tara, helped build and serve diverse ministries at Cal State Long Beach and UC Irvine through Navigators Collegiate.

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

About Mark

Mark Lewis and his wife, Janet, joined Navigators staff at the University of Texas in 1978. After 12 years in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and South Africa, they returned to Texas to work with college students. Over the last several years, Mark has served with college students, the 20s generation, and directed the Navigators Nations Within mission.

Troy Schmidt

Troy Schmidt

About Troy

Troy Schmidt is a campus pastor with First Baptist Church of Windermere, Florida, and a writer for film, television, and print. He has been a producer for the television show The American Bible Challenge and he runs an apologetics website called Reason for Hope. His latest book is Fish Sandwiches: The Delight of Receiving God’s Promises (NavPress).