Videos – Main Speakers

Mutua Mahiaini: Welcome to the NSG

Doug and Pam Nuenke:


Korryn Shoge: Increasing Reach and Depth of Campuses

Mike Chong: Increasing Reach and Depth of Bases

Joe Maschhoff: Sending to the Nations

Doug Nuenke: Audacious Faith

Where is the Ed Stetzer video? We’re glad you enjoyed Ed Stetzer’s presentation at the NSG. However, he requested that we not record his presentation or share his slides. But you can listen to his interview with Field Director Brad Jonswold!

Wanda G. Anderson: Abide Initiative

John Onwuchekwa: Abiding in Christ

Katy Jonswold: Poem, The Vineyard

Ben Nugent: Ignite Initiative

Al Engler: Multiply Initiative